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EASA Flight Instructor & Flight Instrument Instructor Course

Of the Course

The Certified Flight Instructor – FAA CFI(A) License and Certified Flight Instrument Instructor – FAA CFII(A) License will allow you to train future aspiring pilots. With a FAA CFI(A) license you will be able to teach FAA PPL(A) and CPL(A), with a FAA CFII(A) you will be allowed to teach FAA IR(A). These qualifications you provide you with excellent experience as PIC and as a professional pilot.

Ground Training

CFI(A) – Certified Flight Instructor:

  • approx. 30 hours of ground instruction

CFII(A) – Certified Flight Instrument Instructor:

  • 5 hours of ground instruction
  • EXAMS: An applicant must demonstrate a level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges of the holder of a CFI(A) & CFII(A) in accordance with the requirements under the FARs. The applicant has to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge at an FAA approved testing center in the form of 2 written tests. The applicant must pass the written exams with a minimum of 70% which is still a passing score.

Flight Training

CFI(A) – Certified Flight Instructor:

10 hours of flight with an instructor

CFII(A) – Certified Flight Instrument Instructor:

5 hours of flight with an instructor.
EXAMS: The practical skill exam is performed in flight with the authorized FAA examiner and can be taken after successful completion of the written tests at the FAA authority.


At last hold a CPL 
The pilot must have at least a commercial pilot license
Hold Class 3 Medical Certificate

You need to be physically fit for flying and instructing 

To be proficient in the English language

You need to be able to read, write, understand and speak English fluently.

Instrument Rating Flight Instructor Course (A)

Of the Course

Many pilots wishing to enter professional aviation positions become Flight Instructors in order to gain necessary experience. The Instrument Rating Instructor – EASA IRI(A) rating allows you to conduct flight instruction for the Instrument Rating – EASA IR(A) and class and type ratings for SEP airplanes.

Ground Training

The IRI(A) training course includes 25 hours of teaching and learning instruction and 10 hours of technical training, including revision of instrument theoretical knowledge, the preparation of lesson plans and the development of classroom instructional skills. If you hold or have held an Flight Instructor certificate, you shall be fully credited towards the 25 hours of teaching and learning instruction.

Flight Training

The Instrument Rating Instructor training comprises of at least 10 hours of flight instruction on an airplane. In case you are an FI(A) holder, the number of hours is reduced to 5.
During the training, you will become familiar with the training airplane, review the maneuvers and exercises required to execute as an instrument rating instructor and you will learn how to teach these maneuvers to an instrument rating student. You will gain the proficiency to train a student to the level of proficiency required to obtain an instrument rating.

EXAMS: During your practical skill test you will be assessed on your ability to operate the aircraft from the right-hand seat and demonstrate your ability to conduct all maneuvers accurately and within limits and respect all regulations and limitation specific of IFR flights.

PIC 00276


18 Years Old
The pilot must be at least 18 years of age.
Hold Class 1 Medical Certificate

You need to be physically fit for flying and instructing and hold a Class 1 Medical Certificate

200 Hours IFR

The pilot must have at least 200 hours of flight time under IFR

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