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Flying Academy - Austria

Flying Academy is a EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO), which operates from the brand new base located at Bad Vöslau Airport (LOAV) in Vienna, Austria! Austria enjoys a moderate continental climate which makes it a perfect place for your practical training throughout the year! The Vöslau airfield’s dynamic traffic along with its controlled airspace prepares you perfectly for your future airline career. In combination with our highly experienced Flight Instructors and competitive program fees, Flying Academy is the first choice of pilot training for future Professional or Private Pilots from all continents. All training is performed in accordance with Part-FCL regulations.

Bad Vöslau Airport: LOAV

  • 2 runways
  • International airport
  • Briefing room with Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Gained market leadership in the field of non-commercial aviation in 2014
  • Direct city airport train (CAT) to the center of Vienna

Bad Vöslau, Austria is Flying Academy’s latest addition to its international bases. We are proud to bring forward exceptional pilot training to the ever exciting Bad Vöslau airport, just minutes away from the iconic Vienna city!

OUR STORY ... so far

Flying Academy’s mission is to make YOU the most professional, skilled and dedicated pilot. We are completely equipped for the challenges of employment opportunities of airlines all over the world.

Our mission is a commitment to our students based on personal approach and care, guide them step by step, close monitoring, and adapting the training.

This is our promise!

Perfect safety record, unprecedented student support, and best in class training environment are our promise.

We are Flying Academy Europe – International Flight Training center with more than three decades of experience, that was founded by airline pilots for future airline pilots.

The regulation in the European Union is very strict about aviation safety. Our fleet is maintained at the highest levels of safety.

Flying Academy, one of the leading global flight schools, is proud to present our fleet. It consists of single and multi-engine aircraft maintained at the highest levels of safety. The whole fleet, at both continents where we operate, consists of 35 aircraft

With Flying Academy’s brand new online classrooms, you can start your theoretical training without leaving the comfort of your home, in a decent amount of time!

  • Flugplatz 1 | 2542 Kottingbrunn
  • FN 516776s
  • VAT ATU74826628
  • E-mail:
  • Bank: Oberbank AG
  • IBAN: AT57 1500 0040 2104 0383


By shifting our theoretical training online, we now have the opportunity to expand our international community and reach and teach students from around the globe.
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